Conversational BI is the new BI!

For many years I worked with different clients on Management Reporting, KPIs, Tableau de Board, CPM trying to find new ways to communicate faster the info necessary to support efficiently the decision making process.

I had great successes but sometimes I felt frustrated by the fact that I wasn’t really able to create a very profound change into the habits of the users: the people use them because, I realized after, because there weren’t other options…is how the things are expected to go but without intimacy, without a profound sense of understanding… without a “human touch”.

For these reasons I turned my interest in the use of chatbots as tool to simplify the “management reporting world” and enable a real “conversational UI”. Discussing and posing questions is the fastest way to know exactly what is needed in the right moment and without “rumors” at disturbing the insight generation process, without coding, without learning new tools, without investing in producing thousands of reports.

Adding as “silver bullet” the AI (“Hi Guy Galboiz, do you need again the reports asked yesterday?” or “Hi Guy Galboiz, I know from your agenda that tomorrow you will going to meet the Robotics snc CFO: do you need the usually “first touch” reporting package?”) in a data environment with well known medatada (“Hi Bot can you send me the net inflow of NPL for last 3 months”) you can create a dramatically new user experience incredibly better than before.

Many resistances to change will come out from “reporting mindset” but I believe that it is time to rethink the reporting “faces” (dashboard, reports, Tableau de Board, …) transforming the way users interact with data, shortening the time gap “from data to actions” with also a positive effect on cost side (less dashboards, less reports, less CRs, shortening the time to delivery of new insights…).

Few vendors are working on “Conversational BI” and to integrate their Bot in smart-machines (like smartphones or smart home speakers) but I predict that in few months we will see on the market a Cognitive Bot “application agnostic” that will be able to interact with data and legacies or applications to be the smart-assistant  of every bank employees…or a new species of employees!